Planning A Trip to the Tropics, Four Things You need to Know

Traveling to new places is exciting and sometimes adventurous but there is always the lingering fear when the destination are tropical countries.

Tropical countries are located between the Tropic of Cancer to the north approximately 23°26′ (23.5°) N and the Tropic of Capricorn to the south 23°26′ (23.5°) S.

Tropical countries are host to various infectious diseases some of which are fatal. People living in these regions struggle with these diseases making them one of the major public health problems. But what does this mean for the traveler?

A few items to have on your checklist before traveling to the tropics should include:

  1. Check what infectious diseases are prevalent in the country you plan to visit and take the necessary precautions
  2. Check what vaccinations are required in the countries you are interested to visit
  3. What is the healthcare system like in the country you are planning to visit
  4. Is there a possibility of medical evacuation

After arriving in your destination country it is important to know what are the recommended precautions for the various infectious diseases available locally. Sometimes it is the simplest of actions that can save your life.

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