The Black Pellets that Smell Trouble

I woke up to find two pellets on my cooker, I immediately recognized what they were. But because I had not found the culprits, I still had about a 10% doubt that my line of thought could be wrong. A few days later I heard the noise, rattling and running in the ceiling, that was the confirmation, there were rodents in the house. Whether they were rats or mice it did not matter, the problem was that there were rodents in the house. My mind wondered where they had been, how many they were, where were they hiding, what they had been eating and what is attracting them in the house.

Rodents as source of disease

Now the man and mouse chase started, I had to catch these rodents and get them out of the house. But why was I so concerned?

Apart from rodents being a nuisance and a nightmare in the house, they also carry infectious diseases in their urine and feaces. If the are infested with ticks or fleas, these also carry dangerous human infectious diseases, some of which are fatal.

These diseases can be spread through;

  1. A bite from a rodent
  2. A scratch
  3. Fleas or ticks carried by the rodents

The table below lists some of the infectious diseases spread by rodents and their modes of transmission.

So next time you see these four legged creatures, think twice before you pet them or entertain them in the house.

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