World AIDS Day, 2020

Every year on December 1st the world commemorates World AIDS Day. A Day to reflect on the challenges brought about by the epidemic and the ongoing work to fight the disease.

1st December, 2020, Raising Awareness on HIV/AIDS

Let us remember;

  • The millions that are still living with the disease
  • The millions whose lives have changed because of the availability of Anti retro viral treatments worldwide
  • The millions who have got a chance to see their children grow
  • The millions who have seen their children born free from HIV
  • The researchers, public health workers and health personnel, volunteers, Non- governmental organisations, and governments who are working tirelessly for an HIV free world.
  • All of us for taking responsibility to stop HIV in its tracks

HIV can infect anyone no matter their race, gender, age, nationality, religion and beliefs.

The global statistics on HIV & AIDS according to UNAIDS 2020 are available on this link and summarized in Table 1.

People (Aproximately)Activity
26 millionAccessed ART as of end June, 2020
38 millionLiving with HIV (2019)
1.7 millionNewly infected with HIV worldwide (2019);
62% of new HIV infections globally
99% of new HIV infections in eastern Europe and central Asia
97% of new HIV infections in the Middle East and North Africa
96% of new HIV infections in western and central Europe and North America
98% of new HIV infections in Asia and the Pacific
77% of new HIV infections in Latin America
69% of new HIV infections in western and central Africa
60% of new HIV infections in the Caribbean
28% of new HIV infections in eastern and southern Africa
690,000died from AIDS related illnesses (2019)
75.7 millionhave been infected since the beginning of the epidemic (2019)
32.7 millionHave died from AIDS related illnesses since the beginning of the epidemic (2019)
Table 1. A summary of HIV Statistics as presented by UNAIDS. For a full report on HIV & AIDS Statistics please visit

Together We Can, let us join the fight against HIV & AIDS.

Published by People, Pandemics and Epidemics (PPE)

Billions around the world are affected by diseases in one way or the other, be it directly or indirectly. Both communicable and non- communicable diseases affect communities worldwide. Communicable (infectious) diseases have been associated with the environment, socioeconomic status, geographical location and access to healthcare. With various disease outbreaks affecting many parts of the world and millions of people being affected, the year 2020 has ushered in another level of an outbreak, the COVID-19 Pandemic. The disease started as an outbreak in one part of a country, soon spread to other countries and continents becoming a pandemic. People, Pandemics and Epidemics will discuss the various infectious disease outbreaks, the solutions to fighting these outbreaks, and what has been achieved so far.

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