World NTD Day 2021 #notoNTDs

I was privileged to watch the launch of
A road map for neglected tropical diseases
2021–2030. It was a wonderful occasion.

The road map aims at,

The speeches, commitments and achievements highlighted by several stakeholders not only showed the hard work to fight these diseases affecting the most vulnerable, poor and marginalized populations but also the achievements attained thus far.

So what are Neglected Tropical Diseases or NTDs (in short)? WHO defines NTDs as “ancient diseases of poverty that impose a devastating human, social and economic burden on more than 1 billion people worldwide, predominantly in tropical and subtropical areas among the most vulnerable, marginalized populations.”

In the coming weeks, various NTDs will be highlighted on this forum to bring awareness and ignite conversations on NTDs as the world strives to achieve the goals set in the 2021-2030 road map.

Please join the conversation, together we can say No to NTDs.

Published by People, Pandemics and Epidemics (PPE)

Billions around the world are affected by diseases in one way or the other, be it directly or indirectly. Both communicable and non- communicable diseases affect communities worldwide. Communicable (infectious) diseases have been associated with the environment, socioeconomic status, geographical location and access to healthcare. With various disease outbreaks affecting many parts of the world and millions of people being affected, the year 2020 has ushered in another level of an outbreak, the COVID-19 Pandemic. The disease started as an outbreak in one part of a country, soon spread to other countries and continents becoming a pandemic. People, Pandemics and Epidemics will discuss the various infectious disease outbreaks, the solutions to fighting these outbreaks, and what has been achieved so far.

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