Livelihood and Disease- Ebola outbreak and Challenges for Bush meat #Livelihood vs Disease #Live bush meat source of Ebola and other disease causing agents #Butchers and handlers of live bush meat at risk of contracting disease #Smoked or cooked meat low risk of disease spread #Challenges of Bush meat trade and Ebola outbreaks

The Black Pellets that Smell Trouble

I woke up to find two pellets on my cooker, I immediately recognized what they were. But because I had not found the culprits, I still had about a 10% doubt that my line of thought could be wrong. A few days later I heard the noise, rattling and running in the ceiling, that wasContinue reading “The Black Pellets that Smell Trouble”

Experienced but no Opportunities- Capacity Building Without Infrastructure

The notion of capacity building is something that is repeatedly emphasized when addressing various challenges in low income countries. It is an idea that resonates not only with the developing world sharing information and knowledge with the resource poor countries in sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the world but also within resource poor countries.Continue reading “Experienced but no Opportunities- Capacity Building Without Infrastructure”

Infectious Disease Management Strategies- Cholera

Did you know that; 2 billion people worldwide drink water from sources contaminated with feaces Each year approximately 2.9 million people contract cholera worldwide Approximately 80 million people live in cholera hotspots in Africa Approximately 95 000 people die from cholera each year Today’s entry looks at cholera and why this infectious disease is stillContinue reading “Infectious Disease Management Strategies- Cholera”

Did You Know…

Did you know that ; •approximately 15 million people die every year from infectious diseases? •Most of the people dying from infectious diseases live in developing countries? •over 300 emerging infectious diseases have been reported between 1940-2004 Infectious Diseases and Rural Livelihood is a book which looks at the effects of rural livelihood and theContinue reading “Did You Know…”

Planning A Trip to the Tropics, Four Things You need to Know

Traveling to new places is exciting and sometimes adventurous but there is always the lingering fear when the destination are tropical countries. Tropical countries are located between the Tropic of Cancer to the north approximately 23°26′ (23.5°) N and the Tropic of Capricorn to the south 23°26′ (23.5°) S. Tropical countries are host to variousContinue reading “Planning A Trip to the Tropics, Four Things You need to Know”

Cholera, Small-Scale Businesses and Livelihood

Sporadic cholera outbreaks are not unusual in most developing countries. The current outbreaks in Zambia and Malawi are a reminder of some of the challenges posed by infectious diseases in urban and semi-urban areas as well as rural communities. So, how does cholera come about? Cholera is an infectious disease caused by bacteria, vibrio cholerae.Continue reading “Cholera, Small-Scale Businesses and Livelihood”

When Does an Outbreak Become a Threat?

Since August various outbreaks have made headlines, including the plague outbreak in Madagascar, the monkeypox outbreak in Nigeria, and the Marburg virus outbreak in Uganda. During the same period there have been several outbreaks of cholera, dysentery, malaria and diarrhoea some of which have gone unnoticed but are affecting children, and families in many regionsContinue reading “When Does an Outbreak Become a Threat?”

Monkeypox in Nigeria; Effects on Health and Livelihood

Monkeypox a viral disease similar to human smallpox is currently affecting populations in parts of Nigeria. The illness which has no specific cure, is a zoonotic disease, passed on from wild animals to human. The socioeconomic challenges presented by this outbreak are an example of how infectious diseases affect not only health but also theContinue reading “Monkeypox in Nigeria; Effects on Health and Livelihood”