The Black Pellets that Smell Trouble

I woke up to find two pellets on my cooker, I immediately recognized what they were. But because I had not found the culprits, I still had about a 10% doubt that my line of thought could be wrong. A few days later I heard the noise, rattling and running in the ceiling, that wasContinue reading “The Black Pellets that Smell Trouble”

Experienced but no Opportunities- Capacity Building Without Infrastructure

The notion of capacity building is something that is repeatedly emphasized when addressing various challenges in low income countries. It is an idea that resonates not only with the developing world sharing information and knowledge with the resource poor countries in sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the world but also within resource poor countries.Continue reading “Experienced but no Opportunities- Capacity Building Without Infrastructure”

Infectious Disease Management Strategies- Cholera

Did you know that; 2 billion people worldwide drink water from sources contaminated with feaces Each year approximately 2.9 million people contract cholera worldwide Approximately 80 million people live in cholera hotspots in Africa Approximately 95 000 people die from cholera each year Today’s entry looks at cholera and why this infectious disease is stillContinue reading “Infectious Disease Management Strategies- Cholera”